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Soft-boiled eggs or humpty dumpty eggs

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Soft boiled eggs are for me the quintessential egg dish. To create a good soft-boiled egg the secret is all in the quality of the ingredients you select. An organic, real free range egg will give superior flavour, texture and colour to the dish both inside and out. The rest is all down to timing and taste of course: depending on how runny you like your yoke to be.

More than this though the eggs of heirloom chickens are truly beautiful: with variation in shapes and colours from pinkish browns, through to creams, whites and darker speckled browns, even greens and blues. Rather than a uniform product they are like chicken wabi sabi – beautiful because of their variations and imperfections.

My favourite eggs are those produced by  @bigswingorganics – the chickens are free to roam in the organic avocado orchard and have a diet of certified organic wholegrains and foraged bugs and grubs. Look for organic real free range eggs at your local farmers markets.

Kids love to have a bit of fun with boiled eggs by drawing a face on the eggs, so they look like humpty dumpty when you take off the top before eating them. In my house boiled eggs are known as humpty dumpty eggs.

Soft-boiled eggs or humpty dumpty eggs

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Serves: 1 Cooking Time: 10 minutes (3 minutes plus 7 minutes preparation)


  • 1 real free range organic egg
  • Toast soldiers with butter, vegemite, miso, avocado or cheese and home made pickles
  • Salt and pepper



Take a small saucepan and fill with cold water


Add your egg


Put on the lid and bring the water to boil over high heat


When the water just starts to boil – that is when bubbles just start forming in the water, take off the lid and begin your timer set for 3 minutes (if you do not have an egg timer you can use the timer in your mobile phone)


Remove the egg with a teaspoon when the timer sounds


Serve in an egg cup with the top removed with a little pepper and salt or toast soldiers with butter, vegemite, miso, avocado or cheese and homemade pickles


I used @bigswingorganics real free range organic eggs from Mullumbimby.

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