Sustainable Spring recipes

Sustainable Spring recipes for using and preserving seasonal produce

Spring recipe collection for using and preserving the best of Spring seasonal fruits and vegetables as pickles, shrub syrups, dinners, salads, desserts, drinks and pickle cocktails. Spring offers fresh new fruits and vegetables that it is lovely to be able to preserve for later use, my favourite is the pear which I have made into a spiced pear pickle and pear shrub syrup.

Recipes to use all the best bits of your produce and reduce food waste

Find helpful sustainable Spring recipes to use all the best parts of your fresh produce and preserve the rest. For example, beetroot leaf and feta filo parcels that use up beetroot leaves that are most usually thrown away while asparagus and sugar snap pea salad with pear pickle combines preserved in season pears with fresh seasonal asparagus and sugar snap peas.

My local Spring produce list

Produce for these Spring recipes has been provided by my local farmer’s market and green grocer and includes:

  • -pears
  • -mulberries
  • -asparagus
  • -blood oranges
  • -beetroot leaves
  • -fennel
  • -sugar snap peas