Sustainable Winter recipes

Sustainable Winter recipes for using and preserving seasonal produce

Find sustainable seasonal recipes for using and preserving Winter seasonal fruits and vegetables as pickles, shrub syrups, compotes, dips, cakes, breakfasts, drinks and using up left over pickles and pickle brines from in pickle cocktails. Winter offers unique fruits my favourites being blood oranges and tart cumquats or kumquats that make incredible blood orange shrub syrup and cumquat pickles preserved with vinegar both of which are amazing in pickle cocktails.

Recipes to make the most of Winter

My sustainable Winter recipes make the most of the cold season by getting cosy with a warming old fashioned cocktail featuring preserved summer pickled cherries and comforting compotes of rhubarb, mandarin, cacao and wattleseed madeleines.

My local Winter produce list

Produce for these Winter recipes was provided by my local farmer’s market and green grocer and includes:

  • -blood oranges
  • -cumquats or kumquats
  • -mandarins
  • -rhubarb
  • -pomegranate
  • -avaocado
  • -carrots
  • -pears
  • -beetroot