Drinks | Refreshing | Hot

Drinks | Refreshing | Hot

Sustainable, seasonal recipes for Drinks | Refreshing | Hot including healthy shrub syrup drinking vinegars with soda or mineral water, seasonal smoothies, spiced coffee and spiced hot chocolate.

Refreshing drinks

Shrub syrup drinking vinegars offer a very refreshing drink with fizzy water due to the acidity of the vinegar such as my pineapple fennel shrub.

Seasonal smoothies

Seasonal smoothies using in season produce and Australian indigenous ingredients such as Gubinge for flavour packed and nutritious drinks for breakfast or snacks.

Spiced coffee

Spiced coffee is sweetened with sweet spices such as cinnamon in cinnamon coffee, cardamom and wattleseed rather than sugar offering a low GI hot drink that pairs well with seasonal fruits such as apricots and mandarins.

Spiced hot chocolate

Spiced cinnamon hot chocolate is a warm and cosy drink for winter breakfasts or cold afternoons warmed with sweet cinnamon, rich raw cacao and local organic honey.