Sustainable Autumn recipes

Sustainable Autumn recipes for making the most of seasonal produce
Sustainable Autumn recipes for cooking fresh and preserving in season vegetables and fruits to use all the good bits of the produce in breakfasts, snacks, dinners, salads, pickles, desserts, drinks and pickle cocktails.

Using all the best bits of your produce
Find recipes that help you use all the best bits of your produce rather than wasting them. Pickles, shrubs, syrups, compotes, pestos are fantastic old fashioned ways to preserve fresh ingredients. Peck of pickles Autumn recipes collection includes recipes for using up the tops and hearts of veggies that are usually thrown away. For example, pumpkin and fennel soup using fennel tops for additional flavour, tasty carrot tops made into carrot top pesto, romanesco and cauliflower salad that pickles the hearts of these vegetables and includes them for extra flavour.

My local Autumn produce list
My local farmer’s market and green grocer has supplied produce for these seasonal Autumn recipes:

  • -pistachios
  • -pineapples
  • -apples
  • -quinces
  • -strawberries
  • -rhubarb
  • -fennel
  • -pumpkin
  • -sage
  • -romanesco
  • -cauliflower
  • -carrots
  • -tarragon