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Halloumi sliders with spiced beetroot sauerkraut

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These sliders are extra tasty from the grilled halloumi, avocado and finger lime and the spiced beetroot sauerkraut and anise cucumber pickles. Finger limes are an Australian native fruit with small caviar like seeds inside – they have a piquant lime flavour that bursts out from the small seeds as you bite into them. The beetroot sauerkraut is spiced with cinnamon as well as lemon myrtle and pepperberries and has a sweet, earthy, clean, crunchy taste. The anise cucumber pickles are sweet and sour.

Halloumi sliders with spiced beetroot sauerkraut

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Serves: 6 Cooking Time: 20 minutes




Cook the halloumi in a frying pan with a little olive oil, when browned on both sides add the chopped marjoram and lemon juice, remove from the pan and set aside


Warm the slider buns in the oven, cut in half and butter


Construct the sliders with a layer of avocado slices topped with finger lime caviar


Add the halloumi cheese along with the baby spinach and then the beetroot sauerkraut and anise cucumber pickles

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    Finger lime silver sour: gin, macadamia liqueur cocktail | Peck of Pickles
    August 20, 2020 at 11:19 am

    […] Finger limes are a local indigenous Australian ingredient. Finger limes have a heady and intense lime fragrance and flavour. Finger limes have a hard outer pod with varying colours for different varieties ranging from black, almost purple, to lemon and light green and inside there are different colours of green, pink, red or multicoloured caviar. Finger lime caviar are filled with lime flavoured juice that explodes in your mouth as you eat them offering amazing colour, flavour, aroma, and texture. Finger limes can be used in many sweet and savoury dishes to add lime flavour and as a garnish with amazing visual appeal and texture – for example I used finger limes in my haloumi sliders with spiced beetroot sauerkraut. […]

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