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Dirty pickled plum & ume martini

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  • pouring a dirty pickled plum & ume martini
  • dirty pickled plum & ume martini
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There are two types of fruit pickles in this martini recipe: plums and umes. The homegrown plums are from Orange – which were a gift from friends with the leaves still attached – gorgeous in their imperfect-perfection. I made them into homemade plum pickles with sweet spices including wattleseed, and their summer sweetness lives on in these dirty pickled plum & ume martinis. The second type of pickles are ume fruit from Japan – in the form of Choya umeshu Japanese ume wine that includes unripe ume pickled in the liqueur. Ume are not plums but are closely related to the plum species. I have used Sydney made Archie Rose gin and Martini Bianco vermouth. The homemade pickled plum lends a beautiful pink colour and wattleseed flavour to this twist on a classic dirty martini. If you want a less strong martini you can replace the Choya umeshu with vermouth and leave out the ume garnish.

Dirty pickled plum & ume martini

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Serves: 1 Cooking Time: 10 minutes


  • 3 small slices of Choya umeshu pickled ume for garnish (leave out if leaving out the choya umeshu)
  • ¾ shot Archie rose signature dry gin
  • 1/8 shot Martini Bianco vermouth or a ¼ shot if leaving out the choya umehsu
  • 1/8 shot Choya umeshu liqueur
  • ¼ piece of homemade pickled plum with wattleseed
  • 1 teaspoon homemade pickled plum brine
  • Handful of ice cubes



Cut 3 small slivers of Choya umeshu pickled ume and add to the bottom of a martini glass as a garnish.


Add all the other ingredients – the gin, vermouth, umehsu, homemade pickled plum and brine and ice - to a cocktail shaker


Shake vigorously and then serve

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