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pickling and cocktail books with pickles, bitters, pineapple plants, nutmeg grater

Books for pickles | cocktails | photographyPickles | cocktails | photography books that cover tips, how to’s and recipes for pickling, flavour pairing, cocktails and taking amazing photographs of food and drinks. You will find on this page some of my favourite pickles | cocktails | photography books covering the following topics:

  • pickling, quick pickling
  • shrub syrup drinking vinegars
  • ferments
  • flavour pairing
  • history of rum, punch cocktail bitters and cocktails
  • cocktail manuals both vintage and modern
  • food photography and styling
  • cookbooks with amazing food photography

Welcome to my library – I hope the pickles | cocktails | photography books on this page inspire you to create your own amazing flavour pairing experiments, pickles, quick pickles, shrubs, fermentspickle and seasonal cocktailsseasonal cocktail bitters and seasonal cocktail syrups like the ones on this site. You will also find books on how to style and take beautiful photographs of food and drinks and some of my favourite cookbooks with amazing food photography.

Pickles, shrub syrups, ferments, preserves, flavour pairing

History of punch, bitters, cocktails, rum, tiki drinks, modern exotic cocktails

Vintage cocktail manuals

Modern cocktail manuals

Food photography and styling

Cookbooks with amazing food photography

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